Our GAMZ APART will open its doors in May 2021. The new Aparthotel**** is located near the Grüne Laterne, at a distance of 150 metres.

The modern architecture and traditional, locally-grown materials used in the interieur of the Gamz, almost seamlessly blend with surrounding nature. The house is an eye-catcher, nestling picturesquely in the heart of the mountains. 
Wake up, open your eyes and let the mountain scenery take its soothing effects. Directly from your bed or your spacious balcony you enjoy the view of the Dolomites, the most prominent mountain in Sexten – the Helm or the sun-dial of Sexten.


The new building constructed in 2017 is located in Sexten in a sunny and quiet position with panoramic views of the Sexten Sundial. It is designed as a Climate House "A", furnished in a modern Alpine style. It is only a few metres away from the new Helmjet Sexten and a 5-minute walk to the Gamz Apart. 

Our apartments offer all the freedom to discover our wonderful mountain landscape and the culinary offerings in Sexten on the mountain as well as in the valley at your leisure and without time pressure - that's how a holiday should be!

Why did we call the new house Gamz? For us it is obvious: If you look out of the window of our Gamz-apartments, you fell free. Just like the chamois (or Gams, as we call them), unflinchingly climbing the steep rock faces, enjoying a special perspective of the world around them.

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